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About Us

Thank you for visiting 45001 Safety Management System Consultancy.
The company was founded by experienced Health and Safety professionals, with the aim of assisting business in one of the three fundamental pillars of good business;

Safety, Environment & Quality Assurance

While experienced in all disciplines, it is our fundamental belief, and main focus to assist you in establishing a proactive Safety Management System, which is designed to reduce losses to the business to both property and people, and thereby to increase profitability.

Good employee moral follows which improves customer experience and service.

You stand out in the crowd.

The principle of our company is to assist you, to be pragmatic.

Our Services

Our services can be bespoke for the needs of our clients

A typical project(s) might include:

Certification Gap Analysis

Scope to assist with the design and implementation of a Safety Management System to meet the needs of the business and achieve registration to ISO 45001

In order to stay competitive, businesses are increasingly seeking International Standards (ISO) Certification. Our service is designed to review what you already have in place and compare against the requirements of the standard (a Gap analysis).

This gives you the starting point to see just what needs to be done to achieve certification, the work which may be involved and of course the resources that will be required to achieve your objective.

Management System Design

Providing Professional Safety Advise to meet the regulatory need

Following the Gap analysis, assistance is offered to design a management system, which works for the business, reflects what the business does and meets the criteria of the ISO requirements.

We are experienced in designing systems to meet certification to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (Safety Management). Our philosophy is that the standard should fit the business, not the business fit the standard.

Competent Safety advise

Providing Professional Safety Advise to meet the regulatory need

Regular inspection, and monitoring is essential to ensure a safe place of work. Including but not limited to physical inspection (Hazard spotting), assisting with Statutory risk assessments

ISO standards for Quality and the Environmental Management (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001). We are here to assist you with that transition.

Accident Investigation

No matter how well a system is establish, no matter how well trained our employees are, accidents happen. There event will be traumatic for the individual, work colleagues and for the company. The effects, and the costs can be immense (graph)

The insurance implications and the possible intervention by the enforcing authorities with court action all need to be managed correctly. An investigation is the first step in preventing a similar circumstance for happening again. All our consultants are trained to the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators standard.

Systems transition

Assisting with transition from OSHAS 18001 to ISO 45001

ISO standards develop and are therefore subject to change. Businesses that have certification need to adapt their systems and processes in order to retain certification. Businesses may also want to build on the success they have with current certification to expand into other areas (e.g. Quality Management (ISO 9001) adding Environmental Management (ISO14001) or Safety Management (ISO45001). We can assist you to make changes to our systems to achieve your goal.

ISO standards for Quality and the Environmental Management (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001). We are here to assist you with that transition.


Auditing or regular surveillance of management systems is an essential feature and a requirement of all ISO standards. External auditing must be carried out by your certification agency but it is permissible and often a cost-effective approach to outsource internal auditing or surveillance.  45001smc can assist you with internal auditing to ensure that your certified management systems (or the system you are seeking to have certified meets the requirements of the system.

Our Founder

Richard Cooper a safety professional with 30 years industry and commercial experience.

Richard has gained experience in Transport, Construction, Civil Engineering, Aviation, Residential property telecommunications and technology sectors.

  • Holder of Master of Science Degree
  • A Chartered member of IOSH
  • A Member of Internal Institute of Risk and Safety Management
  • A member of CQ IRCA (auditing body)
  • Over twenty years membership of American Society of Safety Professionals
  • Over fifteen years membership of Environmental Management Institute.
  • Institute of Industry Accident Investigation – certification
  • 45001 Safety Management Consultancy retain professional liability insurance to the value £1miilion.

Our Core Message

Controlling loses to the business is not only the right thing to do from a Legal, moral and financial standpoint. It also can enhance profitability by enabling confidence within the supply chain and within the employee base.

How do you achieve this?

By adoption of the principles of the ‘Safety Mix’

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